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Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith

If you enjoyed the thrilling mix of action and romance in Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith, you’ll love exploring similar films that capture this unique blend. This list includes dynamic titles like “Knight and Day” and “True Lies,” where adventurous couples navigate their relationships through exciting and dangerous situations. Whether it’s spy-centric action or intense romantic escapades, these films provide the perfect blend of suspense and passion, ensuring a captivating viewing experience. Dive into these recommendations to relive the excitement and intrigue that films like Mr and Mrs Smith deliver.

High-Octane Romance and Action

Adrenaline-Packed Love Stories

Knight and Day

This action-packed comedy stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. A woman is thrown into a global spy journey by a chance meeting. During their exciting adventures as they run around the world, a romance starts to grow.

This Means War

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, two best friends and CIA agents, find out they are dating the same woman. This sparks a crazy race to win her heart using their spy skills, which makes for some funny and exciting scenes.

True Lies

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a secret spy, but his wife, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, doesn’t know what he does for a living. When she gets caught up in his latest task, things get dangerous and romantic all at the same time.

The Bounty Hunter

Gavin Butler, who plays a bounty hunter, has to find his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who has skipped bail, in this love comedy. While on the chase, they meet up with old friends and go on an unplanned journey.


This action-comedy stars Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl as a suburban couple who find out that their neighbors, who seem like perfect people, are hired killers who want to kill them. As they avoid shots and figure out plots, this discovery reignites their fire. 

The Tourist

A tourist from the United States named Johnny Depp gets caught up in a web of mystery involving Angelina Jolie’s character. Their trip through beautiful places is full of danger, surprises, and maybe even love. 

Dramatic and Dangerous Relationships

Exploring films that echo the dynamic chemistry and thrilling scenarios in Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith brings us to a selection of movies where relationships are anything but ordinary. These films blend danger with romance, making each moment unpredictably exhilarating.

Date Night

A married couple, played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, have a normal date night in “Date Night,” but everything goes wrong and they end up going on an all-night journey. Their boring marriage turns into an exciting adventure as they try to clear their names. 

The Mexican

The Mexican,” starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, is about a clumsy thief who has to bring an old gun across the border. When his girlfriend is taken, the trip gets more difficult because their love is linked to dangerous mob business.

True Romance

In “True Romance,” which was written by Quentin Tarantino, a young couple is on the run after stealing a bag full of drugs. The only thing that is stronger than their love for each other is the danger they are in from the cops and the mob.

Out of Sight

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez heat up the movie “Out of Sight,” in which a bank robber gets out of jail and takes a US Marshal hostage. In this stylish crime drama, the attraction between the two leads to a complicated chase that makes it hard to tell who is the kidnapper and who is the victim.


Katie Holmes and Catherine Zeta-Jones play a dangerous game of cat and mouse in “Entrapment.” An insurance salesman convinces a seasoned thief to do one last job, which leads to a series of complicated steals and a relationship full of tension and lies between both parties.

Espionage and Spy Thrills

For fans seeking the intense action and clever plot twists found in Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith, the espionage and spy thriller genres offer plenty of excitement. These films range from classic spy encounters to modern narratives, each packed with high stakes and covert operations.

Classic Spy Encounters

The Bourne Identity

In the film, Matt Damon plays the role of amnesic Jason Bourne, who has to piece together who he is while pursuing assassins. Gritty realism and dramatic action sequences are hallmarks of this fast-moving thriller.

Mission: Impossible series

Ethan Hunt, a proficient agent of the Impossible Missions Force, is portrayed by Tom Cruise. This enduring series combines high-tech espionage, elaborate storytelling, and amazing stunts in every movie.

Spy Game

Robert Redford and Brad Pitt team up in this thriller about a retiring CIA operative who must save his protégé captured in China. “Spy Game” combines emotional depth with a detailed exploration of espionage tactics.


Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative who flees after being suspected of being a Russian spy. This film delivers a twist-filled storyline that questions loyalty and true identity.

RED series

A gang of veteran CIA agents who find themselves back in combat is led by Bruce Willis. The story of elderly spies pulled back into the realm of espionage is explored in “RED” and its sequels, which combine humor, action, and a stellar ensemble.

Modern Spy Dramas

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Just as a worldwide threat is emerging, an ultra-modern, trendy intelligence agency selects a rough-and-ready but bright street boy for their highly competitive training program. “Kingsman” is renowned for its deft action and cutting humor.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

This movie is set during the Cold War and is about a CIA agent and a KGB agent who have to put aside their differences to stop a strange criminal group. It has stylish looks, smart conversation, and high-tech gadgets.


A recent spy story, “Argylle” is about a world-class spy who gets caught up in a journey that takes him all over the world. More information about this movie is on the way, and it looks like a fresh take on spy movies.

The Gray Man

Ryan Gosling plays a former CIA agent who now works as a private assassin and has to stay away from foreign bounty hunters. This movie on Netflix is full of action and tough moral choices.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

This film delves into the origin story of John Clark, A Navy SEAL discovers a worldwide conspiracy while seeking justice for his dead wife. It blends military techniques with intense suspense.

Action-Driven Character Studies

For those who appreciate the character depth and intricate dynamics in Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith, this section delves into films and series where character interplay and personal drama blend seamlessly with action and espionage.

Intense Character Interplays


James McAvoy leads in this high-octane action picture about a dissatisfied office worker who realizes he is the son of a skilled assassin and inherits his father’s superhuman killing ability. The story is driven by intense action and the growth of characters.

The Thomas Crown Affair

Pierce Brosnan portrays a rich art thief who relishes the thrill of the robbery. His world becomes more exciting when he meets an insurance investigator, played by Rene Russo, who is anxious to capture him but also charmed to his charm


Ryan Gosling plays a Hollywood stuntman who doubles as a getaway driver. This film is notable for its minimalistic style and suspenseful situations, which emphasize the protagonist’s complicated character and connections.

Baby Driver

Edgar Wright directs this film, which follows a teenage getaway driver who relies on his own soundtrack to be the greatest in the game. After meeting the lady of his dreams, he sees an opportunity to leave his criminal life, but it is not easy.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson team up in this action-comedy. Reynolds’ character, a top protection agent, is tasked with guarding the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hitmen, leading to explosive and humorous results.

Political and Spy Thrillers with Romantic Elements

Bodyguard (TV series)

This gripping series follows a war veteran turned bodyguard who is assigned to protect a high-profile political figure. The intense protection detail leads to complex personal and professional dilemmas, woven with suspense and romance.


A complex series revolving around a CIA operative with bipolar disorder and a rescued POW who might be an al-Qaeda plant. It explores themes of trust, deception, and the personal costs of national security.

The Americans

This series depicts the marriage of two KGB spies posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. during the Cold War. The show combines family dynamics with espionage, highlighting the strains and bonds that develop under such extraordinary circumstances.


Jennifer Garner stars as a double agent for the CIA, posing as an operative for an organization she wishes to take down. The series blends high-intensity missions with personal drama, including complex relationships and family secrets.


This action-comedy series follows Chuck Bartowski, a computer geek who becomes a vital government asset when he inadvertently downloads critical CIA secrets into his brain. It features a mix of humor, romance, and spy-based action.

Globetrotting Adventures and Thrills

Explore a world of intrigue and fast-paced action with movies and series that embody the essence of Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith,where the excitement spans continents and the thrills are as much about the journey as the destination.

International Mysteries and Conspiracies

No Time to Die

In this James Bond installment, Daniel Craig returns for one last mission that takes him on a rescue mission and uncovers a sinister plot involving a new technology that could impact the world.


This Bond movie delves into the personal past of James Bond and challenges the integrity of MI6 itself, mixing breathtaking action with deep personal drama against international backdrops.

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond introduces a grittier, more emotional agent 007. The film focuses on Bond’s early career and his mission to defeat a terrorist financier in a high-stakes poker game.

Quantum of Solace

Continuing directly after “Casino Royale,” this film sees Bond seeking revenge and uncovering further complexities in the criminal organization known as Quantum, amidst action-packed sequences across diverse locations.


Bond confronts the shadowy organization known as SPECTRE, unravelling connections between the villainous deeds and his own past, featuring classic espionage elements with a modern twist.

High Stakes and Fast Cars

The Fast and the Furious series

This series chronicles the high-octane adventures of street racers who evolve into world-class heist operatives. With its family-centric narrative, it merges spectacular car chases with high-stake missions.

Baby Driver

A skilled teenage escape driver relies on the beat of his music to be the greatest. After meeting the girl of his dreams, he attempts to escape his criminal life, leading to heart-pounding car chases and a compelling love story.


A stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver finds himself in trouble when a heist goes wrong. The film is celebrated for its stylistic elements and tense driving scenes, all set against a moody Los Angeles backdrop.

Cross-Category Cultural Recommendations

For those who enjoy Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith and the vibrant culture surrounding spy thrillers, here are some cross-media recommendations to enhance the experience.

Music to Enhance the Spy Vibe

Artists: Trevor Morris, Shelby Merry, Imagine Dragons
These artists provide dynamic soundtracks that can enhance any spy-themed entertainment experience, from intense action sequences to the more subdued moments of intrigue.

TV Shows with Similar Themes

The Blacklist

A master criminal turns himself in and offers to help the FBI catch other criminals, but his motivations are mysterious, blending crime-solving with complex personal histories.

Burn Notice

A former spy uses his training to help others while figuring out who burned him and thrust him into the murky world of espionage and personal vendettas in sunny Miami.


Combining classic sitcom tropes with Marvel Cinematic Universe storytelling, this series explores Wanda Maximoff’s reality-altering powers and deep emotional trauma in a unique narrative format.

Podcasts for Movie Fans

Happy Sad Confused

Join host Josh Horowitz as he chats with Hollywood’s elite, diving deep into their careers and personal lives in a conversational style that movie fans will love.


A film podcast where the hosts revisit classic films from the AFI’s list of the 100 greatest movies, discussing why these films matter and how they resonate today.

ID10T with Chris Hardwick
This podcast blends interviews with celebrities, artists, and creators, focusing on the nerdier side of the entertainment industry, perfect for fans of deep dives into filmmaking and storytelling.

Throughout this exploration of films and series similar to Movies Like Mr and Mrs Smith, we’ve uncovered a rich array of thrilling adventures that blend action, romance, and espionage. From the high-octane love stories in “Knight and Day” and “True Lies” to the complex spy narratives in “The Bourne Identity” and “Mission: Impossible” series, these selections capture the essence of dynamic Storytelling that keeps people on the edge of their seats.

We encourage you to dive into these films and series to experience the diverse worlds they offer. Each title promises a unique blend of excitement and drama, perfect for expanding your cinematic horizons. Whether you’re in the mood for intense character interplays, international intrigue, or just high-stakes action, there’s something here for every fan of “Movies Like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Explore these cinematic gems to enhance your understanding of the genre and discover new favorites that resonate with the thrilling, adventurous spirit of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”


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