Not Another Church Movie Release Date & Where To Watch Guide

Not Another Church Movie Release Date

Not Another Church Movie Release Date 2024

The not another church movie release date is set for May 10, 2024. This film will be available in theaters across the country, ensuring a wide release for audiences eager to catch the comedy on the big screen. Mark your calendars for this exciting premiere to experience the unique blend of humor and drama that promises to entertain and engage viewers of all ages.

Where to Watch Not Another Church Movie

As the not another church movie release date approaches, details about where you can watch the movie will be confirmed. Closer to its release on May 10, 2024, information will be available on the specific platforms where the film can be viewed. Whether it will be in theaters, on streaming services, or both, will be announced to ensure viewers know how to access this engaging comedy.

Not Another Church Cast and Characters 

The movie features a star-studded cast that brings the story to life. Mickey Rourke plays the role of the Devil, adding a twist to the tale. Lamorne Morris takes on the character Monte Carlo, while Jamie Foxx portrays God, setting up an intriguing dynamic. Vivica A. Fox, Patricia Belcher, Tisha Campbell, Jasmine Guy, and Kevin Daniels, who plays Taylor Pharry, all contribute to the film’s rich narrative. Kyla Pratt and Kearia Schroeder are also part of this talented group, among other supporting actors who help make the movie a must-watch.

Directors and Production Team

James Michael Cummings and Johnny Mack directed the movie. Johnny Mack also wrote the story. Kimberly Hines and Valerie McCaffrey helped make the movie as executive producers. The companies Monty the Dog Productions and Mpsc Vfx produced the film. Briarcliff Entertainment is responsible for bringing the movie to theaters. Peter Cordova designed the look and feel of the movie sets. This team worked together to create a great movie experience.

Extended Plot & Storeyline

While Taylor is busy with his storytelling, the Devil hears about God’s plan and decides to interfere. The Devil doesn’t want Taylor to succeed because he enjoys seeing people in despair and disarray. He starts crafting clever distractions and challenges to steer Taylor away from his path.

Amid these trials, God gives Taylor another important task—to assist a famous talk show host, Hoprah Windfall. Hoprah’s show is losing its appeal, and she desperately needs something new to revive her ratings. God believes that Taylor’s stories could be the fresh content that Hoprah’s show needs. So, Taylor must now balance his community projects with this new assignment of helping Hoprah.

Throughout the movie, Taylor deals with his chaotic but lovable family, who despite their quirks, stand by him and help him in unexpected ways. Each family member brings their own set of challenges and joys to Taylor’s life, enriching his stories and giving him endless material to work with.

As the day of the big show with Hoprah approaches, the Devil doubles down on his efforts. However, Taylor’s resilience and the support of his family and friends prove to be stronger than any obstacle. The community comes together to support one of their own, showing that unity and love can overcome even the craftiest of devils.

In the end, Not Another Church Movie is not just about the laughs and the conflicts; it’s about how a community bands together to protect and uplift its own. It’s a story of finding one’s purpose through service to others and the unexpected ways in which helping others can also lead to personal growth and happiness. Taylor’s journey is a heartwarming reminder of the power of stories and the strength found in unity.

Not Another Church Movie Release Date

Filming Locations

Not Another Church Movie was filmed in various locations, each chosen to bring the story to life. The movie features scenes shot in lively neighborhoods and quiet streets that resemble the community Taylor Pherry inspires. These real-world settings help make the film feel genuine and relatable, showing familiar places where everyday life unfolds. Details about the specific places used for filming will give audiences a peek into the backdrop of Taylor’s adventures and challenges. And this movie not another church movie release date is set for May 10, 2024


Not Another Church Movie captures the essence of community and the power of storytelling against a backdrop of both urban charm and everyday settings. The choice of filming locations enhances the film’s authentic feel, allowing audiences to connect more deeply with Taylor Pherry’s journey. As Taylor faces the devil’s challenges and seeks to fulfill his divine mission, the environments in which he operates play a crucial role in the narrative, bringing his trials and triumphs to life. This film is set to captivate viewers with its unique blend of humor, drama, and heartfelt moments. Remember, the not another church movie release date is May 10, 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how these beautifully chosen locations contribute to a story that’s as inspiring as it is entertaining.

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